I am Alexander Cheglakov. I create unique art pieces from centuries-old dry trees.

Each piece of art is the embodiment of nature with a new vision. Using my own hands and imagination, I give environmentally-friendly wood a second chance at life.
It all started a few years ago when I was walking through the forest and looking for firewood for the fireplace. While selecting a dry tree from the deadwood, I accidentally discovered giant oak's snags which had a really unusual shape and it seemed such a pity to toss them into the fire.
Dried environmentally-friendly wood, Californian corals, fragments of antique stained glass, pieces of Sicilian glassware weathered by the sea, rhinestone, bronze animal figures and candles which radiate a warm atmosphere.
When creating my art pieces, I use various materials
2019 The Art of Nature, Moscow, Russia, at Alpert Gallery (offline).
2019 Christmas, Moscow, Russia at British Embassy (offline).
2020 The Art of Nature, Moscow, Russia, at State Museum of Sergey Andriyaka (offline).
2020 Tu BiShvat (New Year of Trees), Moscow, Russia, at Jewish Religious and Cultural Center "Zhukovka" (offline).
2021 Moscow International Performing Art Center "Moscow meets friends.
2021 Nature by Art Show International, California (online).
2021 Cooperation with Bentley Motors Company, Annual Autumn Road show.
(Moscow, St.Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Ekaterinburg, Gelendzhik).
2021-2022 December-March, Nature as Art, Ples (Levitan's Culture Center), Russia.
Personal exhibitions
2017 Family Festival "Abracadabra Pop Up", Moscow, Russia (offline).
2019 INDECOR Moscow, Crocus Expo, Moscow, Russia (offline).
2020 International online exhibition Maison & Objet (online).
2021 Nature by Art Show International, California (online).
2021 Textures & Patterns, Las laguna art gallery, California (online).
2021 24-28 october, Qatar International Art Festival.
2024 January 11-15, The Original Maiami Beach Antique Show, Maiami.
2024 February 16-18, Palm Beach Fine Craft Show, Palm Beach FL.
2024 April 4-7, ARTEXPO, New York.
Group exhibitions