Tree of life, Bahrain
Dimensions: 30 x 13 x 28 in
Weight: 35 pounds

The "Tree of Life, Bahrain" is an awe-inspiring sculpture that embodies the resilience and mystique of one of nature's marvels. According to some legends, Bahrain is believed to be the site of the biblical Garden of Eden, a belief echoed by the mysterious tree standing alone in its desert. The enigmatic acacia tree, thriving for centuries without an apparent water source, has become a symbol of triumph over adversity, growing lusher with each passing year.

This sculpture is a tribute to such enduring vitality. The "Tree of Life" is crafted from gilded coral, while its leaves are made from pieces of green glass collected from the shores of Sicily. Each shard of glass holds its own story, echoing a rich and deep past.

The artistic piece is created from an ancient oak trunk, struck and charred by lightning, hollowed almost entirely from within. The surface is treated with wax and gold leaf, enhancing its beauty and preserving its intricate details. Natural Californian coral, glass, and an oil candle are incorporated, adding elements of natural beauty and serenity.

This sculpture is not just a representation of the Bahraini Tree of Life, but a symbol of resilience, growth, and the interconnected stories of nature's elements. It invites viewers to contemplate the enduring power of life and the mysterious beauty of our world.
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