Dimensions: 25 x 10 x 27 in
Weight: 27 pounds

The composition in the shape of a crescent moon is made of centuries-old oak, scorched by lightning. Seven sacred oil candles installed on the surface. A mysterious bronze star is suspended at the top. A bronze figurine of a praying Muslim is installed. The stand is made of Siberian larch and it is devoted to the appearance of the sacred Kaaba. The artwork is covered and protected with a special wood wax and is lightly colored with gold paint.

The crescent moon and star are traditionally considered one of the main symbols of Islam: it flaunts on the flags of several states, crowns the domes and minarets of mosques, and is a favorite amulet for many believers. The natural shape of the wood with a burnt core resembles a waning crescent moon. A star is suspended in its upper part, which is illuminated by the fire of a lighted candle. At the bottom of the crescent is the prayer, facing the sky. His prayer rug hovers above the ground like a flying carpet from oriental tales. Thus, the power of prayer uplifts a person and detaches him from earthly concerns.
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