Menorah Vintage
Dimensions: 29 x 8 x 23 in
Weight: 12 pounds

This exquisite vintage menorah is a work of both history and craftsmanship, hewn from a section of a dry oak trunk over 200 years old. The passage of time has gracefully sculpted the inner part of the wood, which is now adorned with seven vertical brass rods, each carrying a candle. The base is crafted from Siberian larch, chosen for its sturdiness and aesthetic appeal.

The wooden surface of this menorah is meticulously treated with special wax and gold leaf, creating a blend of rustic charm and opulent elegance. A distinctive feature of this piece is its ability to rotate around its axis, offering a dynamic and interactive experience with its gentle candlelight.

This vintage menorah, rich in history and artistry, serves not only as a ceremonial object but also as a striking piece of decor. Its presence is sure to add a touch of timeless beauty and solemnity to any space.
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